Employment and Staff Management

Appraisal and Supervision

This workshop looks at the important areas of Appraisal and Supervision and through that how to effectively manage staff. The course contextualises employee development, appraisal and supervision. Learners will understand the difference between appraisal and supervision and be able to identify the values and principles of appraisals
Areas covered include

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Building Better Teams

What makes a good team? Why do some teams perform better than others? How do you construct a team that works and what should you look out for to make sure you get the best from your team?

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Recruitment and Selection

The course is primarily designed for both staff and voluntary management committees and looks at the legal aspects of recruitment and selection. It provides hands-on exercises for learning the recruitment process and a basis for the delivery of best practice in this area. The course aims to provide advice and guidance to strengthen safeguards against employing unsuitable people particularly in childcare settings. This training will help provide the information and skills to create an effective recruitment and selection processes.

Workshop Duration 3 hours

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