Funding and Monitoring & Evaluation

Writing a Funding Application

This is a single credit, level 2 course, and is intended to give people a sound understanding of how to write funding applications. It is targeted at those wishing to write applications for small funders rather than Big Lottery grants although it will provide the under pinning knowledge for writing larger applications.

Areas covered Include:
• What do funders want?
• What evidence do you have to support your application?
• Calculating project costs
• Monitoring and evaluation.

The course can be accredited by Open Awards at level 2. Learners will do some formative work on the course, but will be expected to do additional work to produce a portfolio showing how they have implemented the ideas from the course.

Course Duration 2 half days

Introducing an Outcomes Focus

This course is creates a strong foundation for organisations wanting to develop an outcomes focus. It introduces the concepts of outcomes and outcome indicators and looks at what they are and how to use them. It introduces the CES planning triangle as a tool to aid the development of outcomes

Course Duration 1 Day

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