Organisational Development

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

So you need to do a business plan or a strategic plan, what is it? What’s the difference? This workshop will focus on different types of plans that an organization needs and also how to create them, who needs to be involved and what should be in one

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Marketing for Small Organisations

This workshop will explore how to get your message across, It will also look at things not to do and things that don’t cost a lot of money. Hopefully you will leave this workshop with idea and plans to take back to your organisation

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Risk Assessment

This workshop looks at the issue of Risk Assessments, a basic building block of Health and Safety for childcare workers.

Areas Covered Include:

What constitutes a risk
How to identify possible risks
How to write a risk assessment
Sample documentation

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Roles and Responsibilities for Management Committee Members and Trustees

Areas Covered include:

Roles and responsibilities for management committee members and trustees
Governing documents
Roles of executive officers
Running an meeting
Minutes and paper trails
Rules for smooth committee meetings

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Legal Status for Voluntary Groups and Social Enterprise Groups

So what is legal status and why does it matter? Who is responsible when there is a problem? Can your organisation sign a contract?

Areas Covered include

Different types of legal status
What are the benefits and pitfalls of different types of legal status?
How do you change your legal status?
How to find the most appropriate legal status for your organization.

Workshop Duration 3 hours

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