Quality Assurance

Holistic Partnership have a long history of working with Quality Assurance, we specialise in PQASSO and Quality First One of the team is both a PQASSO mentor and Peer Reviewer

Quality Assurance, what is it?

So why is quality important and why do you need to prove that what you do is quality, especially in these days of procurement and commissioning? There are so many quality assurance schemes available, which one is the right one for your organisation? Which one do you have the time and the capacity to complete?

Workshop Duration 3 hours

PQASSO: An Introduction

PQASSO provides a flexible, step-by-step approach to working out what your organisation is doing well and what could be improved.

Areas covered include:
• Introduction to the concepts of quality assurance and the main standards within PQASSO.
• Introduction to the basic steps required to implement the system.

Workshop Duration 3 hours

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