Courses for Childcare

Writing Policies

Any organisation needs policies to function but what is the difference between a policy and a procedure, how do you write one and where do you go for help?

Areas Covered include

  • What makes a good policy?
  • The difference between a policy and a procedure.
  • How to write a good policy.
  • How to adopt a policy

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Risk Assessment

This workshop looks at the issue of Risk Assessments, a basic building block of Health and Safety for childcare workers.

Areas Covered Include:

  • What constitutes a risk
  • How to identify possible risks
  • How to write a risk assessment
  • Sample documentation

Workshop Duration 3 hours

Listening and Responding to Children

We all listen to each other all the time don’t we? No? and yet how do you feel when you are not listened to? Children are exactly the same as adults in this respect but with the added difficulty that they have not always learnt to adapt or understand the reasons behind their feelings. However, if we listen we can dramatically change outlook, behaviour, confidence and empower children to make choices.

Areas Covered Include:

  • Why we need to listen
  • Barriers to why we don’t listen strategies
  • Attitudes and activities which will stimulate listening.
  • Activities to apply in your own setting

Workshop Duration 3 hours

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